Tuesday, March 25, 2008

from the archives, week 39 

On to Seawhite of Brighton A6 sketchbook number 5, dating, as you can see, from October '94. Apologies for the blurry bits, I got a new scanner which seems, though better in many other ways than its increasingly temperamental predecessor, to have less depth of field. Hopefully things will improve as I get used to it and find out how to get the best results from it. No time to faff around now though, sadly. I'm terribly, terribly busy don't you know. Sorry, inevitably a bit of a dull boy just at present.

Oh and Glenn, if you're reading this, you've won but I still don't know what. Email me your address and I'll send you... something. Eventually. Nag me if I forget.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


From the archives is taking a week off as I haven't yet extracted the next sketchbook from under the piece of furniture that it's helping to hold in place. In the meantime here's a busy little number from my current John Purcell Paper sketchbook. The original page is very roughly A5 in size.

Click here for bigness.

Oh, and the competition in the previous post to win ... something or other (current number of entrants: one) remains open for one more week.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

from the archives, week 38 

The final spreads from A6 sketchbook number 4, S.O.B., '94 including, for the sake of completeness, the usual pages of lists and notes that tend to accumulate in the back pages. Make of them what you will.

To mark the end of book 4: a special quiz relating to some of the scribblings in these last few pages. How exciting! A prize, as yet to be determined, to the person who answers most questions correctly in comments. Extra marks for managing to convince me you knew stuff without googling and for bold guesswork and inventiveness when you don't know the answers.

1: Whence the lyrics "strong, strong like an amazon"?

2: In which East Anglian building did I read the instruction "Please be still and quiet"? (Vikki, if you're reading this, you may be at a slight advantage).

3: "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet" - name the composer.

4: "That'll teach you to fall in love with heavy things on Saturday mornings" is a (possibly horribly misremembered) quote from which '60s film?

5: Who was Derek Meddings?

In the event of a tie I shall make some arbitrary decision about who wins. In the altogether more likely event that no one bothers to answer any of the questions then the prize will be a cake and I'll eat it.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

life of a pen part 2 - page 12 

Back from the dead not quite six months after the last completed page...

Click image for larger version.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

compare and contrast 

Plugging away at some new Good Dog, Bad Dog material which, after a terribly slow start, is finally getting somewhere I think. Just a short (two parts of four pages each) that will serve as an introduction to the Dogs prior to a longer running adventure or two. Anyway, not going to show you anything much to do with that but there are a few Bergmans and McBoos in this recent sketchbook page. Compare and contrast with the older sketchbook pages of the "from the archive posts". You can decide yourself if I've improved at all (but if you think not then feel free to keep it to yourself, ta).

More soon.

Click here for larger version.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

from the archives, week 37 

A6 sketchbook number 4, S.O.B., '94.

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