Tuesday, March 18, 2008


From the archives is taking a week off as I haven't yet extracted the next sketchbook from under the piece of furniture that it's helping to hold in place. In the meantime here's a busy little number from my current John Purcell Paper sketchbook. The original page is very roughly A5 in size.

Click here for bigness.

Oh, and the competition in the previous post to win ... something or other (current number of entrants: one) remains open for one more week.

Really liking the slightly looser style in this spread. You've drawn so many heads in your time - you must be able to get any expression you want down on paper in a second. I still can't draw someone whistling to save my life!

excellent stuff.
very busy

Great stuff. I really like the silhoutted profiles.

Cheers, all.

Jonathan - yup, I really must experiment with the silhouette style in a strip sometime. It has the kind of graphic simplicity I often admire in the work of others but seldom achieve myself. Could be interesting I think, if I can come up with a suitable story.

I imagine something with shadowy figures whispering to each other in dusty corridors.

I don't know how to draw, but I like looking. Brilliant stuff you have here on display. One picture can really sayb a lot. These minature portraits really are something very different.

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