Tuesday, March 11, 2008

from the archives, week 38 

The final spreads from A6 sketchbook number 4, S.O.B., '94 including, for the sake of completeness, the usual pages of lists and notes that tend to accumulate in the back pages. Make of them what you will.

To mark the end of book 4: a special quiz relating to some of the scribblings in these last few pages. How exciting! A prize, as yet to be determined, to the person who answers most questions correctly in comments. Extra marks for managing to convince me you knew stuff without googling and for bold guesswork and inventiveness when you don't know the answers.

1: Whence the lyrics "strong, strong like an amazon"?

2: In which East Anglian building did I read the instruction "Please be still and quiet"? (Vikki, if you're reading this, you may be at a slight advantage).

3: "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet" - name the composer.

4: "That'll teach you to fall in love with heavy things on Saturday mornings" is a (possibly horribly misremembered) quote from which '60s film?

5: Who was Derek Meddings?

In the event of a tie I shall make some arbitrary decision about who wins. In the altogether more likely event that no one bothers to answer any of the questions then the prize will be a cake and I'll eat it.

1. "I want to be strong strong like an Amazon" - Amazons - by Phranc. [according the Lord God Google]

2. eh?

3. "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet" - Gavin Bryars [nearly remembered it, but the son of Google, Wikipedia, came to my rescue in the end. Very moving to hear it again (on YouTube)]

4. "That'll teach you to fall in love with heavy things on Saturday mornings" - Blow Up?

5. Derek Meddings - wasn't he Mr Supermarionation? Worked with Gerry Anderson on all those puppet shows.

Well, Glenn, you disappoint me with your reliance on internet resources but impress me with your honesty. And then you disappoint me by not making a humorous guess at question 2. Anyway, you may well have some correct answers there. Ahem.

Having made what I like to call "The Simon Gane error" (inviting answers to a quiz in comments thus making things somewhat easier for anyone who turns up later) I invite anyone else who wants to take part to impress me with further information (e.g. what is the particular "heavy thing" referred to in question 4?)

i have no interest whatsoever in the quiz because I'm very reluctant to partake of that pained task of cognitive though on a headache.
Besides - I don't know the answers.

only an observation that tickled my sense synchronicity; I work at that manchester postcode... The area around here has changed considerably - it used to be light industrial land, it's now yuppie flat land - NMS has been surrounded by flats on all sides, but it's still here.

Thems people listed is long gone.

Hi Paul,

Don't think I ever got round to writing to that address (and can't remember what it was all about anyway). Something that seemed briefly like a vague whiff of opportunity that I, in the end, couldn't be arsed to pursue no doubt.

It's kind of odd (and perhaps a little sad) that these back pages of notes and lists and quotes are more interesting to me, and more likely to remind me of the time that the sketchbook was in use, than most of the pages of drawings ever are. Probably very dull for anyone else though.

2. Hmmmm. Well, if it's from '94 there may be an Arts Cinema connection, but I can't remember us being that particular with the audiences...

Am intrigued... and a little worried by your Coronation Street date!

And no, I don't think I've ever done anything utterly wrong (although not for want of trying)

Vik x

Hi Vikki,

No, not the Arts (aah, brief reverie about the old place and its smelly drains) but a large building in your current home town. Though of course the notice in question may have been long gone by the time you got there.

Ooh, ooh, I knew about Gavin Bryars without looking it up...

But none of the rest.


Hello, Joel. How lovely to see you here again. Must try to meet up again in the real world sometime. It's been too long.

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