Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Great Pen Count 

The waiting is over. The count, independently adjudicated by my beautiful assistant, is finally in and I can reveal that the grand total for The Great Pen Count 2009 is...


Of these, no less than 57 were Pilot DR 0.3 Drawing Pens (my usual fibre tip of choice). Blimey.

The winner, then, is Chiky who came closest with a guess of 325.

Congratulations, Chiky. Please drop me a line and let me know where you are and then I can see about, um, figuring out what your prize might be (feel free to suggest something if you've any ideas of your own).


Nice to know I'm the winner!!! Lucky Guess!!!

I send you and email with my home address.

That's quite a worrying number of pens, Dave. I'm thinking of having a "guess the number of teetering piles of crap in my house" contest. I just can't face the answer, that's the trouble. (By crap I mean clutter, not actual crap, you understand. Even my house isn't that gross. Often).

With all those pens lying around, you should take up drawing...

Ha ha, I'm disappointed, I guessed at least twice that! XD

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