Friday, October 02, 2009

competition time 

Oops, meant to do this yesterday, the first of the month (and previously I meant to do it on September 1st). Oh well.

Okay, simple enough competition, in a village fete kind of a way:

Guess the number of pens in my home.

I'll be counting them all on October 31st, closest guess wins, um, something nice (I'll announce what the prize is well before the deadline, I just haven't thought about it yet - in fact feel free to make suggestions at the same time as you make your guesses). Post guesses and suggestions in comments below.

I will be counting all pens, including any dead ones that I haven't yet thrown out.

No more than one guess each and if no one's within 50 of the right answer then no one wins.

Additional rules may appear here as I think of them.




Interesting range of guesses already. Excellent.

168 and a half

I'm going to go for 74.

I've also signed up to be notified of follow-up comments, is that a good idea? I'm just going to get a bunch of emails with random numbers in them. Maybe I'll play bingo.

I hope you're including your secret stash of emergency pens and intoxicating markers in the total.

I'll be counting everything that I can conceivably describe as a pen, Faz.

You should use the numbers that get emailed to you as a basis for playing the national lottery somehow.

Talking of which: someone should tell Derren Brown to take a guess.



108. I think the winner should get a bird original!

I'm aiming low: 25. 25 actually seems like an incredible amount of pens, but I suppose that's just me.

If you're anything like me (I find it hard to throw out any pen that might have the slightest bit of ink in it even if the nib/brush is useless) it'll be fairly high. Er ... 239.

This sounds a worthwhile endeavor - I say 111!

287. Oooo, can the prize be a pen please, or would it be too hard to part with?

1234, my theory is that your pens may be your dietary staple!! Just a thought...

425, going with the first number that came into my head, even though I agree with Alexis: you are capable of 694. "That's a lot of pens, but he can do it."


Hmm. You've always struck me as an organised,tidy, dead-wood-free-zone kinda guy, Dave. Some I'm going low with:


And an original bird would be great! I'll start clearing some wall space...

I wouldn't clear too much wall space Thomas, I think even the largest of the bird drawings so far is less than an inch high.

Maybe I'll do a page full of birds though...

Is it 37? Am I right? Do I win the one-hour tour of the Dave Shelton Studios (with complimentary tea and pink wafer biscuits) and a t-shirt with a drawing of a roller-skating moose on it?

Only time will tell.

Somewhere in the region of 86, I reckon.




77. Orphaned caps don't count.


Can we guess more than once?

Can we visit to get a rough idea?

Nope. "No more than one guess each" I said in the rules above, and I meant it.

But you might be allowed to visit, just not to count pens (and not for a week or so).


I think you have 312 pens in your house.

If we're not counting the pens in your dreams as well, I'd say 16. I've shared a house with you and seem to remember you growing fond of ailing 0.5s that looked more like brushes than pens as they approached their splayed demise.
I can't remember what you did with them after. You haven't kept them to start some mad museum, have you?

Not a museum, more a sanctuary.

(And mostly 0.3s, not 0.5s)

69 dude!



Have you posted the answer yet? Gary and I were sitting here wondering...

The competition remains open until the day of The Big Count on October 31st.

Hmm, The Big Count on Halloween? Maybe I should count out loud in the voice of The Count from Sesame Street. "Von pen, two pens ... Ah ha ha ... three pens..."



197 aaaargh no wait, 198.

I will guess the old Price Is Right staple of 777.

723 I don't envy the counting.

226! That is my first and final guess!

tempted to add all of the above entries up. how about 726?


Make sure you look behind the sofa cushions.


Although is anyone else thinking we should just look at what everyone else has guessed and then guess in increments of 50?

I counted 49 pens in only one jar on my desk and then got bored. you must have at least 300

You know how peopl, when on the telephone, are like "hold on I just need to find a pen" and then there's a big pause, because they can't find a pen?

Perhaps that's you. I guess:

Ooh-errr. I have five pens so you must have 350.

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