Monday, April 02, 2007

for sale: rare things 

I am finally producing a booklet version of the original Life Of A Pen drawings which, way back when, a few people expressed an interest in. A very small first print run (32 A5 pp, of which 27 are illustrated, inkjet printed onto 160gsm paper with card cover) has been produced and a fractionally larger second printing should follow, um, eventually. Despite the fact that the second printing is likely to be better than the first (due to slight realignment of some pages, the removal of an ill-judged introduction and, hopefully, not having to take two attempts at stapling them due to a schoolboy error in collation), and that the first printing would possibly be better thought of as flawed proof copies not to be seen by the public at all, I am nevertheless shamelessly offering them for sale at the quite outrageous price of five Great British pounds each, UK postage included (Rest of World price £7.00). Should you be foolish enough to want one then please email me to arrange Paypal or cheque payment.

UPDATE: First edition copies are no longer available. Second printing available soon. Feel free to email and reserve a copy.

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