Sunday, January 22, 2006

the life of a pen 

I had an idea a while ago to take one new pen and use it exclusively in a new sketchbook until the last drop of ink had departed its valiant, ragged fibre tip. The pen may not be used outside of its dedicated book and the book may not be marked with any other pen (at least not until this one's dead and gone). No pencilling allowed, no proper work, just aimless doodling like I used to do a lot of but don't so much any more. Them's the rules.

Bought a new A5 sketchbook (a really very nice one by Fabriano) for the purpose last week, uncapped pen number one and here's page one. More to come as they fill up.

(Click image for large version)

What a great idea! I had a friend at art school do a similar thing. She used different coloured pens and wrote out parts of her diary onto very large pieces of paper (she's Bosnian so we couldn't read it anyway!) until the pen ran out and then she attached the pen to the paper and hung it on the wall.

monocat sez:

ooh - is good!

but then you know me, I like doodle muchly as well.

what was the first on the page after the notations...

perhaps the fella with the Les Dawson hairdo...

Ta Paul,

I think the first one was the wide-eyed hairy cactus creature in the suit.

monocat reply:

that's interesting, because that's quite a fully formed 'dislocated' image - in that it looks like like the product of fully disengaged thinking (if you see what I mean - sometimes it takes a while for the 'flow' of lines or fusion of imagery to kick in when starting to doodle)

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