Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Blimey, I feel as if I'm kind of busy (or at least just on the verge of it). I'm currently:

awaiting a response to the latest version of the cover for the 4th of Joshua Doder's Dog Called Grk books ("Grk: Operation Tortoise" - and the tortoise which may or may not be included on the finished cover is probably my favourite bit of the current version, that or the frigate birds);

about to colour the second of two monkeys in fezzes for Non-Working Monkey;

expecting a brief later this week from Inside Soap magazine to draw an aerial view of Albert Square (came a bit out of the blue that one);

working out how best to proceed with the fairly secret project* which was the subject of a meeting I had with some very fine folk in Oxford a week ago.

There's also ongoing work on coding the forthcoming revamp of the desperately moribund daveshelton.com (quite liking how the new version is looking so far but it's a ways from being ready to unleash on the public) and, hopefully at some point, some new Edwin and Molly strips (by moderately popular demand) to draw and some other strip ideas gently fermenting. And of course, once I have some more Edwin and Molly strips then it'll be time to sort out their own website...

Phew. Maybe it's time to experiment with my plan for a 6 day week (each of 28 hours - thus saving one night's sleep per week - I'm a genius I tell you) that I had a while back...

*Beware: somewhat misleading link.

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