Friday, February 17, 2006

product placement, part two 

Part of the reason I was in smelly London yesterday was to see the current mixed show at the Medici gallery in Cork St featuring some work by fabulous illustrator Paul Slater (previously mentioned here) and to buy a copy of the very fine (if rather pricey - it's a limited edition) book of his work, Fried Eggs In Brine (2005, Atlantic Press). Happily the gallery will later be holding a solo show by Mr S, though sadly not until October of next year. Only a half dozen or so Slaters in the current show but still well worth a look if you happen to be passing in the next couple of days (it ends on Wednesday I think).

I love Paul Slater's work. Met him a couple of years ago, he came over to Ireland to give a wee talk to a group of us illustrators types. A really genuine guy.

I met him just once about, blimey, 17 or 18 years ago when he visited the college I was then attending. He was a lovely man back then too. Also he owned the most covetable sketchbooks I had ever seen in my life: big, thick, squarish beasts that I think he said he'd bought in Paris, full of the most wonderful outpourings of his brain's odder corners. Back then it seemed like those more personal ideas seemed to be confined just to the sketchbooks but nowadays I believe he's painting more of that stuff for future gallery shows. And hurrah for that.

I also heard he does most of his work (incuding his painting) on his knee if front of the TV.
Ah, that's the life.

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