Friday, June 10, 2005

practical nudity 

Normally at this point I would make some rash promise about writing more soon but having recently discovered a rich online vein of Paul Slater's very fine illustration work I may well have to spend rather a long time perusing the wonders therein and then weeping copiously at my own inadequacy. Thus I may well be kept from my blogging duties for even longer.

Many years ago when I was a mere stripling of an illustration student Mr Slater visited the college I was at to show his work and bestow upon us many words of the wisest wisdom about the worthy trade of illustration. I can't actually remember anything he said but what I do remember is that a) he seemed like a lovely bloke and b) he had the most amazing sketchbooks. Big, thick, hardbound volumes they were (I think he said they came from Paris which just made them lovelier) full of the outpourings of a clearly very lively mind; more ideas in each one than I will have in a lifetime and all finely rendered and gorgeous. The bugger.

See also his related (but seemingly sadly not updated since 2002) Practical Nudity site.

Mr Slater used to be a regular feature at my college too. A very nice chap full of many pearls of wisdom. Great to see his work again.

I do believe you underestimate yourself as an artist.

you rat. I was trying to get some work done and then you post such an interesting link.

Have you ever heard of Yves Chaland? He is best known for doing 1950s/Tintin-type comics in France in the 1980s, but he also did a series of fake magazine covers, painted, that are remarkably like Paul's work in technique and sense of humour. Not saying Paul is derivative but I sense a kindred spirit. I don't think any of the Chaland covers are on the Internet.

Matt Broersma

Darryl - well maybe, sometimes. But I am genuinely in awe of Mr Slater's technique, brain and industry.

Matt - Yes, I know (and like) Chaland's stuff but haven't seen those particular magazine covers so I can't really see the connection. I can, though, see a lot of N C Wyeth in some of Slater's work (sometimes to the point of deliberate homage I think) and a touch of Magritte at times maybe.

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