Friday, November 07, 2008

possibly not true 

After some time a thing has not arrived.

I enquire.

Today, Friday 7th November, I receive the following email:

Dear Dave

Thank you for your email, I do apologise for this late response

I have looked into your query for you and I have been advised by our suppliers that you will receive your goods on Tuesday 4th or Wednesday 5th November between the hours of 09.00-5.30pm

Please accept our sincere apologies regarding this matter

Kind Regards
Customer Services

[MicroWarehouse, for it was they, is a subsidiary of PCWorld].

Good to know they are on the ball with that response; they didn't mention what YEAR it would be, did they? ;)

Depends what it was you ordered. I mean if it was a flux capacitor then it all makes sense...

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