Tuesday, September 15, 2015

more recently... 

Five recent spreads from a cheapy A6 Seawhite of Brighton Eco sketchbook. How much time I spend doodling in it is partly determined at the moment by how well the writing of the next book is going. Happily, it's taken a decent while to fill these pages...

For those that care about such things: almost all drawn with Noodler's ink from a Pilot Falcon fountain pen (which is proper lovely).

Clickify to biggify.

Smashing! I must investigate that pen!

Oh, you got one then, did you? Glad to hear it's working out for you. I haven't been brave enough to fill mine with Platinum Carbon ink yet as I'm afraid to bugger up the mechanism. No such reservations with the mighty TWSBI Diamond 580 though. You could fill it with treacle and it would still write beautifully...

Ah yes, I hear the Platinum Carbon is beautiful but dangerous. Read a few people saying that you can't let it sit in an unused pen for very long without clogging up the works. No good for me.

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