Tuesday, March 10, 2015

World Book Day Week - if you see what I mean - day 2, Tuesday 3rd March: the day off 

On the one day of the week when I am not engaged to appear in a school and gibber at children I snatch a quick bacon sarnie at lunchtime at the van in the marketplace in the company of a fine cartoonist friend. Said friend has recently undergone scary-sounding surgery on both his eyes. This has been a worry as, being a cartoonist, he is even more than usually appreciative of, and invested in, his vision. Happily, all has gone well and the end result of the procedure is that my cartoonist friend now has Amazing Super-Vision, whereas before, even with his mightily lensed spectacles, everything beyond a certain distance was still a bit blurry. Thus his world has at once expanded (in what sounds like a rather disorienting fashion) while at the same time snapping into pin sharp focus. It all sounds amazing but slightly disquieting. He gives me the squirm-inducing details of the operations and we eat our sandwiches. I would tell you more of what he said (it was properly fascinating) but I suspect that at some point he will relate the tale himself, possibly in comic strip form, certainly better than I would manage here.

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