Tuesday, March 11, 2014

some time away 

Last week saw me away from home a good deal more than is usual. Two highly enjoyable library visits in Leicester on Monday, then nine talks to five schools in Swindon over the following three days. Very rewarding, great fun, occasionally slightly frantic, and not nearly as tiring as I'd expected (I'm normally shattered after school visits). Thursday was World Book Day, hence the sudden busy-ness this particular week, and after a bad start to the day (a technical issue left me without my usual visual cues when talking to a group of 4-6 year olds. I had to busk it for about 25 minutes. A future in improv comedy does not beckon) I was very heartened to see on Twitter that elsewhere in the world of World Book Day cosplay, Edward and Joseph had thrillingly chosen to portray my book's characters.

Look, look, look! It's them!

Then, after my second talk that day I discovered that the bear was further represented on a classroom wall at Abbey Meads School:

All of which rather made my day.

AND I got to stop with my old mate Tim and drink a beer or two with him. Marvellous.

Ta very much to the staff and pupils of St Mary's Calne, Orchid Vale, Bridlewood, Abbey Meads and Catherine Wayte, and also to the amazing Sandy Gibbons of Leicester's library services: you were all very lovely. Bless you.

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