Tuesday, September 03, 2013

from the archives 

John Purcell Paper A5(ish) sketchbook number 1, begun 23rd August 2000

Ooh, blimey, I remember this... Many of these were for a job for a local advertising/marketing firm who, in turn, were doing a job for furniture company Multiyork. I had to illustrate about half a dozen different 'types' of (female) customer for some sort of internal presentation. It was the kind of thing that Posy Simmonds could have done brilliantly in a few hours but which I did rather less well over several days, and not without slightly exasperating the art director from time to time (I seem to remember getting the comment back, after one particular revision in the early hours of the morning: "you've turned her into a man", which, sadly, was entirely fair criticism).

Click for bigger, if size matters.

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