Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Went away to the seaside with The Main Squeeze, Main Squeeze Jnr, and the bonkers hound. This year the bonkers hound did not break my finger. This was a good thing.

I made significant and moving works of art:

I splashed in the sea, often with MSJ; TMS and I bought a number of books from the excellent Bookworms bookshop, Cromer (and from charity shops); we ate sandy food on and by the beach with friends; the bonkers hound was let off the lead and chased seagulls until exhausted (then chased seagulls some more); MSJ found lots of crabs...

... sandcastles were built, fish and chips and ice cream were consumed, TMS read and critiqued the very late first draft of The Next Book (and broadly gave it the thumbs up) and we hardly got rained on at all.

'Twas good.

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