Thursday, September 13, 2012

the next book 

Since finishing the run of Good Dog, Bad Dog: Double Identity in The Phoenix (and after a week's rather too eventful holiday and a much more restful week back home) I have begun work on The Next Book, which will be a collection of ghost stories. Still getting back into the idea of writing without also drawing, so the prose style is a bit shaky at the moment, but the ideas seem to be coming along with pleasing frequency. This is the exciting bit, before the real graft of the rewriting (and more rewriting, and more rewriting...).

But enough of the future, here's a quick glance back to The Last Book. This is a Boy and a Bear in a Boat picture that I did for my dear old dad's birthday card recently. Turned out okay, I think. (And, unusually, actually got there on time).

That's very touching.

For your Dad, you say? The boy and the bear in the boat...... Hmmmm........

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