Tuesday, March 06, 2012

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Seawhite of Brighton A6 sketchbook number 12, begun April 23rd, 1998

That there on the right was done as a cover for the proper 7" vinyl single Fiery Fields by Mercedes (Stupidcat Records 1998). Attentive readers will recall that Stupidcat were Rachel and Andy from downstairs and that I drew their logo too (a stupid cat). A brief bit of Googling reminds me that the Mercedes tune was their first ever release, a split single with another band, Freeboy. I think the excellent Mr Mike Irwin provided artwork for their side of the sleeve. One long evening we all - Rachel, Andy, Mike, the excellent Mr Nik Tuliani (my other flatmate at that time) and I - sat in Stupidcat HQ (Rachel and Andy's front room) handcolouring the sleeves with felt tip pens. At time of writing there's an example on eBay, complete with rubberstamped company logo, here.

[UPDATE: It transpires that I did the cover for the Freeboy side too, as you can view here. The excellent Mr Mike Irwin, of course, did the cover for the later Stupidcat release These People by Spraydog. Ah, rock & roll.]

As noted above, I lost this sketchbook (outside a pub in Brighton - the big one on the corner up near the station, where they used to have the open mic nights on a Tuesday - Chris, what's it called?) but it reappeared, cosily clad in a jiffy bag, back in Cambridge the thick end of two months later. Whoever posted it back to me enclosed no note but whoever they were I thank them now for their kindness (and stamps).

Bigness of picture may be achieved in the usual fashion, if desired.

Well, now it's called Grand Central, but I think then, it was known as Finnegan's Wake... Cx

Ah, yes. Finnegan's Wake. That sounds right.

Ta very much, Chris.

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