Tuesday, January 17, 2012

and also... 

With all of the Christmas, new year, book launch shenanigans (topped by an unhealthy dose of feebly surrendered to coldyness, sniffle) I've rather failed to mention that lovely shiny new children's comic, The Phoenix, launched a little over a week ago. Weekly and crammed full of original comicky goodness (unrelated to licensed properties and tacky merchandising and joyfully free of soon-to-be-landfill items of plastic tat attached to the cover) The Phoenix is a bit like the zombie DFC, risen from its grave (only without the lingering smell of decay). It is a lovely new thing of immeasurable goodness and you can subscribe via the link. Individual copies can also be bought at some independent bookshops and there should be distribution set up at Waitrose stores soon too. Seek it out and consume it. It will do you good.

Oh, and I have a four page story called Ghost Ant in the current issue. You might find it entertaining, especially if you like ghosts. Or ants. Preferably both.

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