Monday, August 22, 2011


Getting back into the swing of drawing the Dogs...

ooh smashing! for the phoenix? did you manage to wrestle copyright from RH then, dave...?

For Good Dog, Bad Dog Book 2 (which really ought to have at least a working title by now but I keep changing my mind - possibly either The Big Screen or Double Identity) to be published as part of The DFC Library in ... due course (probably autumn 2012, I think).

Can't say much more than that at present. I should be making at least some contribution to The Phoenix, in one way or another, too.

oh right! exciting stuff. i didn't realise DFC library were actually commissioning stuff (thought it was just collecting strips from DFC)

Some new stuff too. The Etheringtons' (excellent-looking) Baggage is DFC Library too, I'm sure, and that's original.

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