Tuesday, February 08, 2011

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A6, Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook, begun Friday 13th June 1997.

Ah yes, Pooka. Lovely folky female duo (who split up about a decade ago - as opposed to the other band of the same name that I'm vaguely aware exists but of whom I know nothing more) that I saw live with the estimable Mr Chris Sculthorpe at a pub in Brighton (I later saw a very erratic Reckless Eric at the same venue if I remember rightly). A very fine gig indeed. And I remember the support act (who in all other respects were hugely unmemorable) had a bass player who possessed the same angelic beauty as the boy in that film with Dirk Bogarde the name of which temporarily escapes me but, hey, you either know the one I mean (or else you still wouldn't know what I was talking about even if I could remember). Based on that very short book by Thomas Mann. Really very famous... Oh well. Either I or someone else will say what it is in the comments in due course I'm sure.

And "my friend's son's mother's other son" would be the also estimable Mr Richard Freeman (hello Richard, if you ever stop by here).

Note also the dancing banana, prefiguring Mr Robert Webb's similar comic turn in the first series of That Mitchell and Webb Look by a decade.

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Death in Venice?

That's the fella. Thank you.

Nice to see you back by the way, Anonymous. Love your work.

Very kind of you to say. One feels rather unappreciated sometimes being Anonymous!

Is it better to be estimable or inestimable?

I know that was really a rhetorical question but I'm answering anyway. It's better to be estimable.

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