Wednesday, November 10, 2010

that nice Mr Cameron and his enormous robots 

The very first time I met Neill Cameron he loaned me a pen. That's a man I can get on with right there.

That was at the launch event for the DFC back in May 2008. Since then we've run into each other a handful of times and it's always been a pleasure. My experience of people who work in comics in the UK is that they're almost exclusively good folk but even so Neill stands out as especially lovely. It is remiss of me, then, in no small way, not to have drawn your attention already to the release of Mo-Bot High Book 1 last month. The latest release in the DFC Library stable, it collects 80 pages of Neill's excellent tale of giant robots that come out of schoolgirls' mobile phones and beat the oversized, mechanical bejaysus out of one another. I remember reading this week by week in my contributor's copies of the DFC and, gradually being drawn right into the story. Because this boy can write. And, what's more, he can, as a grown man, confidently and convincingly write for a cast of predominantly teenage girl characters. No mean feat. And as for the sinister dinner ladies...

What I'm saying is: here is a very good comic book. Please go and buy it:


Forbidden Planet

Direct from Neill (signed and sketched in).

Forbidden Planet review here.

And you can read an twelve page preview here.

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