Monday, November 29, 2010

old news of award-winning 

So, only a week and a bit after it actually happened (and after posting the same news elsewhere...)

I'm not one to crow in the normal scheme of things, and some of you probably have heard already, but I figure this may be my only opportunity to say this, so I'd better say it now:

I won an award!

Specifically, I won the first ever Leeds Graphic Novel Award, voted for by 11-14 year old Leeds schoolchildren and awarded to me for Good Dog, Bad Dog book 1. I'm very pleased, especially as the trophy itself is a bit like a see through version of one of Obelix's menhirs.

And luckily I didn't even get nervous about the awards ceremony because I was absolutely convinced Mezolith was going to win and so there'd be very little attention paid to me. As a result there wasn't much of an acceptance speech (a mercy for all concerned, I'm sure) just a bit of a surprised yelp and a "thank you".

Now I need to decide where to put it...

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