Friday, July 23, 2010


So, what I'm doing lately is drawing illustrations for my children's novel(la?) while also working out the plot for Good Dog, Bad Dog book 2.

Here's an example of the former:

As to the GDBD2 plot... I've never really attempted a proper murder mystery plot before so it's coming along slowly. In fact for quite a while I hadn't worked out who had died, let alone who had done it. But I'm beginning to be hopeful about how it's turning out now. I think I've got a nice couple of plot twists along the way but there should be room for plenty of silliness too. Mostly, now, I need to work out details of how to tell it and when to reveal what and, crucially, how to avoid the need for the scene in the library where everything gets explained.

Oh, and then I'll have to write, draw, letter and colour the thing, which will take forever and drive me a bit mad.

But that's just the way of things, I'm not complaining.

Love it!!xx

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