Tuesday, July 20, 2010

from the archives 

A6, Daler Rowney (for a change) sketchbook number 8, beginning December '96.

Ah yes, Gary Gilchrist... He was a friend of an ex of mine. Lovely chap. Played in a band called the Blue Smarties who did a great overdriven kazoo version of, if memory serves, Thus Spake Zarathustra. And he worked in a place that made missile parts. He once told me about everything he'd been reading recently and I noted that they all seemed to be either very fat books or very thin books and he explained that the very fat books he read at home and the very thin books he read on the toilet at work (they were thin enough to tuck into his waistband and not be noticed beneath his shirt).

Gary, if you ever stumble here by Googling your own name: hello.

You missed the 's' out of Zarathustra. Outrageous.


Ta for that. I've put it right now.

Of course now I'll get a comment from Gary Gilchrist telling me that it wasn't Thus Spake... at all (I've a nagging feeling it might instead have been Fanfare For The Common Man). Oh to have a memory I could trust.

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