Thursday, March 04, 2010

release the hounds! 

So my book Good Dog, Bad Dog is published today. In celebration of this momentous occasion the powers that be have declared today to be World Book Day. I am honoured. (Just a coincidence? Surely not!)

What's more, I've already had my first rave review. Blimey.

[Edit: And another good one here. Ta very much].

[Edit II: And another here. Cheers].

Hurry if you want to order a copy from Amazon though as, at time of writing, they only seem to have two left in stock, which must surely be some kind of a good sign. Better yet, buy one from your favourite local independent bookshop or even directly from me if you're going to be at Hi-Ex in Inverness later this month or the MCM Expo in May. I'll be attending both of these, and signing, rubber stamping and sketching in copies of the book for anyone that requests such a thing. I shall also have Bergman and McBoo badges (while stocks last) and a new GDBD mini comic (fingers crossed). I'll also be at Bristol (also May) where I won't be behind a table but may do a brief signing at some point (if I finally remember to reply to the organiser's email on the subject). All of which amounts to a lot more time spent outside the house than I'm used to so forgive me if you see me at any of these places and I appear a little dazed. Please be patient and kind and talk to me about pens to reassure me.

Right, that's enough of the hard sell for a while. Normal service will now be resumed.

Dave, congratulations! I shall add it to my Amazon basket (my local bookshop will only have it in French:-).

I sincerely hope that your local bookshop will eventually have a French language version in stock but I don't think Random House have sold the rights to anyone yet. Here's hoping though. It's got a pretty BD sort of feel to it, I like to think, so it ought to be in with a chance. And "noir" is French, so...

Congratulations Dave!! We were all fans when the strip was in the Guardian and are so glad it's a book. (PS if you want anyone to dress in one of those big-head costumes, I do have a rather impressive CV from my bookshop days. Wibbly Pig, Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Witch...I've trodden the boards as them all)xx

Should I ever reach such heady heights of success, Liza, you will be my first choice to fill a costume. Ta. Hope to see you soon. x

Dave, I'm sure it would work in France. However, the French publish so much that I don't know how open they are to buying co-editions. Fingers crossed, though.

You got a mention on my blog today.

Wow! That is a nice review. And well deserved. Congratulations Dave.

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