Friday, January 08, 2010


Updates are likely to be a bit bitty for the rest of January. I'm kind of between two houses at present: I'm more or less already moved in (with a young lady!) at a new residence but most of my stuff isn't moving until later in the month. So there are possessions to thin out a bit, some bits of furniture to sell or give away, and there are boxes to pack, move and unpack again and contents of boxes to find space for and move and rearrange and, you know, all of that stuff. In due course there may well be a number of new Ikea Billy bookcases to buy, assemble and fill.

I'm also trying to catch up a bit on Writing The Book (which ground to a bit of a halt over the festive season), looking forward to the release of the Good Dog, Bad Dog book on March 4th (now even cheaper to preorder on Amazon) and looking for new work while waiting to find out if I'll be drawing lots of small plastic toys in the year ahead.

So blogging may well remain in the backseat for a bit. But there's an interesting new pen that I got for Christmas so there'll be some interesting new sketchbook doodles to show eventually, honest.

the billy bookcase is one of the crowning glories of the 20th century. even if those little support nodules are the king of swine to coax from their holes. someone should erect a statue.

ta for encouragement yesterday. have spent the day thoroughly disappointing myself!

Really looking forward to the Good Dod Bad Dog book- anthropomorphic adventure is always welcome...

Pre-ordered my copy - can't wait!

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