Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do-Re-Mi, the first draft 

Do, a note to start things off,
Re, a note to follow do,
Mi a note to follow re,
Fa a note to follow mi,
Sol a note to follow fa,
La, a note to follow sol,
Ti, a note to follow la,
Which will bring us back to do...

Think this may need a bit more work, Richard. What do you think?

Oh, and how's the architecture coming along by the way?



Version 2, though some improvement, wasn’t all that good either:

Do, is bread, it’s uncooked bread
Re, a laser from a gun
Me is em spelt back to front
Fa, the gas fantasium
So, what are you going to do?
Te, a letter before U
That will bring us back to do–
Eh-up it’s the Nazis, scarper

And another thing. If you look up 'maria' in Richard Roget's Thesaurus, it gives you 'flibbertigibbet, will-o-the-wisp, clown'.

Not enough songs using the word flibbertigibbet these days...

Nice work, Mr C.

Apart from the little-known Prodigy radio edit, "Smack My Flibbertigibbet Up."

See also:

'Tis Pity She's A Flibbertigibbet

The Flibbertigibbet Is Back

and the little known Blake Edwards movie S.O.F.

(bringing us neatly back to Julie Andrews).

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