Friday, July 03, 2009

the hard sell 

While I am no great fan of the legitimate theatre, tonight, rather oddly, sees my theatrical debut as a writer when my entry to the Hotbed Festival's One Page Play competition, is being performed for the first (and most likely last) time at The Junction. I'm hoping to see it myself (I suspect it will run something in the region of 90 seconds and even I can put up with that much theatre without getting too fidgety) and in the unlikely event that anyone reading this would like to do likewise then, I believe, it's on along with a bunch of other entries from around 10.15. But do be aware it was written in about 10 minutes, is essentially one not especially amusing gag and really will be over very quickly. Nevertheless, do feel free to shout "Author! Author!"

I'm really impressed! Good luck!

Didn't go through to the final. The actors performing it messed up the ending a bit but, to be fair, they were very tired and entirely unrehearsed so it's no great surprise really. And also, I did write it in about 10 minutes and I suspect some of the opposition may have taken more time and greater care. And had more talent. Glad I did it anyway.

Well, you're still a playwright and I'm still impressed!

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