Tuesday, July 21, 2009

from the archives 

A6 Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook number 6, late '95/early '96

The exciting news (in brief) is this:

Good Dog, Bad Dog, the collected comic strips in book form: due out in spring, 2010.


I shall, perhaps, make more of this news later when I've finished messing about with all the files of the pages to make them suitable for their new format (oh, the joys of extracting hand drawn coloured lettering so that it can be made into a separate layer in black to facilitate possible foreign editions...)

Click images for bigness.

That's the exciting news I was hoping for! Congratulations Dave.

Awesome news Dave, really looking forward to seeing the book.

Ta, both.

I'm looking forward to seeing it to - even though I know I'll trawl through it spotting tiny mistakes that no one else could possibly care about...

Wow, no wonder you're pleased. Congrats!


Congratulations, Dave!

I was sorry to hear about the end of the DFC, but I'm pleased that your strip will live on. I'm still grateful for all the advice you gave when I was considering joining the DFC myself.

I'm a silent, occasional but die-hard visitor to your blog, by the way.

Hey, that's great news Dave!

Looking forward to your book. Hope many more follow.

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