Friday, March 06, 2009

when spelling matters 

I am a guest at a primary school in Greenwich, showing pupils my work and conducting brief drawing workshops with the year 3 and 4 classes as a special event for World Book Day. Some of the pupils draw characters into panels on sheets I printed out the night before, adding their dialogue in the speech balloons provided, to create a simple four panel strip. One or two are sickeningly brilliant, many are inspiringly energetic but a little hard to decipher. Sometimes I ask the creator of a strip to talk me through the action (and decipher their handwriting and spelling for me). One such, presumably a great fan of sugary fizzy drinks, explains that the figure in the first panel is himself, holding a can and saying "I love Coke". Sadly he has spelled Coke "C-O-C-K".

I do not point out his error.

Ooh dear. Let's hope he doesn't take his work home and tell his mum that nice, strange man who came into school helped him do it...

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