Thursday, March 19, 2009


I really like this - simple, but so much fun. Can I ask, is this a digital piece, and if it is how did you get that nice rough edge on the line work? I know there are some terribly clever things that can be done with photoshop brushes, but I've never had the time to sit down and really tinker with them.

Ta, Mr Baboon. Most kind.

No, it's genuine real life texture, not modern digital fakery on them there lines. The linework is hand drawn with a fibre tip, scanned, and the levels tweaked and the colour added (and the somewhat minimal background) in Photoshop. The original drawing is about an inch and a half tall.

The simple background really makes it for me - I love it!

I often think my best work is usually my smallest - perhaps that's the way to go!

Less a rampage, more a mosey.

Oh, but the turmoil in his heart, Gary...

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