Monday, March 30, 2009

rampage again 

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Heh, looks like fun. I see you've experimented with some texture in the shadow areas, nice.

Isn't it about time there was a place where you could don a monster suit and trash a model city? I've often thought there'd be big money in it, who wouldn't want to have a go?

Great to see so much lovely work being posted on your blog, of late.

Fabulous idea.

And for an extra fee you could fight someone else in a monster suit and just incidentally destroy the city.

Ta for the kind words, also.

I SO want to don a monster suit and trash a model city! (omigod - the word verification is "incesti"!)

He looks like a cuddly monster. If you gave him a cake he'd say "Thank you very much" in a polite tone and stop trashing the city.

A monster after my own heart then.

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