Monday, January 19, 2009


Following an inspirational week in which I drank Guinness and talked pen-related matters with a gaggle of fellow DFC creators, stayed over in smelly London as the pampered guest of erstwhile Good Dog, Bad Dog colourist, brilliant cartoonist and good friend of twenty, count 'em, twenty years standing Mr Faz Choudhury, ate cheesecake and chatted with the charming and talented Ms Viviane Schwarz and her flatmate, the talented and charming Mr Alexis Deacon (oh my, those sketchbooks!) and bought some new pens, I really ought to have some very exciting new work to show you by now.

Instead, I shifted the furniture around in my front room.

So anyway, here's a sketchbook page...

[click image for a bigger version]

Talking of sketchbook pages, From The Archives returns weekly from tomorrow - the moving around of furniture allowed me to extract the next couple of sketchbooks from under the drawers that they were propping up.

Very nice, as per usual, I think the strongest contender for my favourite is the slightly angular bloke in the tank-top.

Did you say twenty years? That's more than half my age, I've now known you for longer than I've not known you. That last sentence is probably a stupid one but I'm still taken by surprise about the 20 years thing. Here's to the next 20! I'm not making any promises after that, I can turn all of a sudden you know.

angular bloke is a little roger langridge...

I really should send you that pen I was going top send you an age ago for your 'life of a pen' - I think I see some pitt nibs here & some brushpen adventurin'

ah - need an address to send it to... so... do you have my mail? try ye olde address at the fully qualified domain name of gmail.com with the adressee of pauljschroeder & let me know an address to which to dispatch a pen I've been holding on to for a while?

Ta both.

Faz: Pretty sure it's twenty years. I think Paul (t'other one) introduced us at a convention in '88.

Paul: Roger's certainly someone whose work I admire (and occasionally steal from/pay homage to). Any influence in that drawing is pretty subtle to my eyes but elsewhere it's utterly shameless.

And thanks in advance for the pen.

Lovely, lovely pens...

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