Tuesday, January 13, 2009

help me, please 

I'm working on redesigning daveshelton.com and I'm thinking of using this sort of a thing (simpleviewer, a free thingy from Airtight) for the gallery page. Does that look okay to everybody? And if not, why not? It looks okay to me and works fine on my big display and with a decent broadband connection and using Firefox on a Mac but is it slow/too big/strangely purple and spotty to others?

All comments (aside from "you need more and better pictures" - I know that) gratefully received.

Looks good on mine! Very neat.

I had a look in my old safari and it still looks great.
Very professional

Works fine for me on Firefox and Safari (Mac).

If you ever want to include more varied content (movies, flash objects etc.) then I'd recommend LightWinder, which we went with on our site (as we need to show screencasts as well as images).


(erm, I meant LightWindow, not LightWinder)

looks terrific to me, dave -- i think i want the facility for my site!
great work too -- especially love the penguin controlling the man's brain.

Dave, it looks bloody marvellous to me.

looks frickin' fantastic to me Dave. I was going to use this on my site but couldn't get it to work with more than one gallery on the site.....

Looks great and works fast! Gonna have to check it out when (if) I get around to redoing my site!

Very nice Dave, worked like a champ for me too.

Looks great! Clean and easy to navigate.

Thanks, all. Most helpful.

Now to work out how to build the rest of the site around the gallery section. I may be some time...

Works fine for me.

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