Tuesday, December 02, 2008

pink squares 

Just a page of doodles for now ...

... but remind me later to tell you my thoughts on Changing Fashions In Gun Posture In Popular Cinema From The 1940s To The Present Day, among other things.

Oh, and if anyone can identify the chap at bottom right then ... I'll be very surprised. (I was about to offer a prize but then I remembered that I still owe Faz his for correctly identifying a badly drawn Lenny Bruce some months ago).

Looks a bit like Stacey Keach to me.


Well you're wrong but I can see what you mean.

See you soon, by the way (if I've got the right Chris).

Damn. I never win anything!
Yes you have, if, that, is I've got the right Dave.
See you soon.

Chris Anonymous

Dave, remind me later to tell you my thoughts on Changing Fashions In Gun Shooting In Cambridge From When I Won My Prize To Present Day.

I'm not sure who that is, I thought Stacy Keach at first but his clobber looks more British than American.

Is it that bloke who played Captain Peacock in Are You Being Served?

Ooh, lovely doodles!

Laurence Olivier?
Spencer Tracy?
William Bendix?

Edward Woodward?

I still think it's Stacey Keach.

Woodrow: No, no, no.

Faz: No.

AnonyChris: NO! Just because my drawing resembles Stacey Keach more than it does the man it's meant to depict doesn't make you right.

It's someone in the same industry as all those mentioned but not the same profession. And, as I type this on Dec 22, 2008, he died 29 years ago today (if Wikipedia can be trusted on the matter).

Okay, now that you've practically given it away I'm going to go for Daryl F. Zanuck?

Yes indeed.

You're all kicking yourselves now aren't you?

Although it's actually Darryl - with two rs. So even now you don't win the non-existent prize...

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Bah! Merry Christmas, your rs!

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