Saturday, October 18, 2008

the end 

Final episode of Good Dog, Bad Dog: The Dogs' Dinner in today's Guardian. It's actually quite good (though I say so myself - which longtime readers will know hardly ever happens) and stuff happens in this one rather than lots of characters just talking the whole time. For some reason The Guardian haven't put up online versions of the last three episodes so you will need to buy the paper or wait for the re-run in The DFC. Obviously if you read today's episode without having read the rest it may not make much sense. But don't worry, given my way with a plot you might easily have read all of it and still find it made no sense. Pretty though, I think.

Oh, incidentally, a plea: if anyone has a copy of The Comic section from the 20th September issue of The Guardian that they could spare me for my files then please get in touch. I managed not to get myself a copy that day (I was, as I recall, indoors drawing a later episode at the time). I could do with a spare of the October 11th one too for that matter. Cheers.

We do indeed have a copy - probably both - I will have to check with Charlie but I am sure he will be glad to help out. I am devastated - our Saturday Guardian didn't have the family section in it! I assumed it must have finished! Charlie's been reading it each week and now he's missed the final one. Anyone got a spare copy...? I'm in such big trouble if not.

Hi dave

Nice blog. Congratulations on the Good Dog strip. Just put in a subscription for the DFC for my son - I'll let you know if the plot makes any sense!

Nice to see that so many of the artists from the Horrible Histories Collection are doing so well.



Ta, Liza.

Ta, Rob. Faz pointed me at your blog earlier today. Nice work. And you do a pseudo-MB/Phil Reeve style much better than I ever did (sorry, that sounds a bit back handed and it isn't meant to). Phil Reeve was still knocking about in Cambridge when I first came here to study. I met him a handful of times through a friend of mine who used to perform in a comedy group with him. Lovely man.

Sometimes I really wish I lived in England - please drop me an email if ever the last three installments appear online! Very best wishes to you.

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