Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dogs' Dinner, episode one 

Just to remind you that episode one of Good Dog, Bad Dog: The Dogs' Dinner is in today's Guardian.

Also readable online (albeit with some panels cropped and the colour going a bit mad in the last third) here.

Splendid episode. Congratulations. Haven't seen it for a while but is there something of the Some Like it Hot hidden subtly in there somewhere?

My favourite line is 'Gasp! Such daring use of ingredients!'


Ah, interesting...

While I was writing and drawing it Some Like It Hot did come to mind and I meant to get hold of a DVD to rewatch it (haven't seen it in years) and check if the massacre in that involved gangsters in a cake (you'd think I'd remember such a detail but, no, sadly not). Anyway, didn't get the DVD, still haven't seen it in years but convinced myself that the gunning down just took place in a street or a parking lot or something. Nevertheless, something may have subliminally seeped in.

Oh it's lovely, I'm so glad the dogs are back in town!

Yes I was thinking 'Some Like It Hot' too... that's one of my favourite movie scenes, the cake massacre, my dad used to do a great impersonation of it (if you can impersonate a scene).

I laughed out loud at the 'daring use of ingredients'... am very much looking forward to the weekend now :)

Cheers, Viv.

Finally got around to checking for the appropriate clip on youtube.

I am an idiot.

No, you are not.

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