Tuesday, July 15, 2008

from the archives, week 54 

Accidental week off last week. Sorry about that.

SOB A6 sketchbook number 5, late '94. Or maybe early '95. Who knows?

The woman in the flappy trousers is (badly) drawn from a photograph of a photographer. If you can identify her and tell me whose bath she famously bathed in then tell me in comments and you'll win, um, something, probably.

Lee Miller 1930 in a Sailcloth overall!
Later had dip in Hitler's bathtub!
No? Yes? Price? Me? Mine?

Blimey, missus, I thought if I tried something unGoogle-able then maybe that would make it a bit tricky but, no, you got it in record time. Now I have to figure out what the prize is... In the meantime, can you email me your address so, whatever it turns out to be, I know where to send it.

the photograph, when she is in the bath is one of my favourite photos (and the combat boots)

Must be because I am German!
I picture-googled the outfit though, I admit... :)

Yay! Will send address!

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