Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amazing Grace 

Incidentally, while rearranging my workspace in the front room (during which I seem to have erected my huge ugly desk that I thought I didn't have room for and actually somehow ended up with more space than before - I am a genius!) I finally located longlost Seawhite of Brighton A6 sketchbook number two that I had indeed put in a safe place (a shoebox full of small press comics and the like) when I moved into the flat a little under a year ago. At some point I may make time* to scan all of it and splurge it out in a handful of huge posts outside of the rest of the "from the archives" posts.

And really, there will be some other kind of posts from time to time. Sorry for the archive monotony lately.

The reason for the rearranging of furniture was to give myself extensive deskspace to work on the new eight part Good Dog, Bad Dog storyline, The Dogs' Dinner for The DFC (SUBSCRIBE NOW! and ensure my future). Naturally since creating the luxurious acreage of prime desky real estate I have continued largely to draw in a sketchbook on my lap on the sofa or in bed but hopefully I'll migrate eventually. I'll maybe post some spoiler free bits and pieces of Dogs as I go along.

* He creates space, he makes time ... what does he think he is, some kind of god?

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