Monday, April 14, 2008

the opposite of miserable 

Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Ten Yen.


Tim used to work at the old Arts Cinema in Cambridge at the same time as me and yet I singularly failed to ever get to know him properly. It turns out he has since become a pop genius (perhaps he already was) and I curse my lack of social effort then as much as I now eagerly await the release of more songs or, all the more so from what I hear, the opportunity to see him perform live.

Yay for Tim! So glad you liked the songs. Well, what's not to like, the man's a poptastic genius!

If he's not fightin' off record companies waving wads of cash and being chased by devoted girlies then the world in an unfair place.

Go Tim Ten Yen and the Sinister Cat...

Vik x

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