Monday, April 07, 2008

life begins 

It's my birthday tomorrow. I'll be forty.

But please don't make a fuss.

Hurrah! Happy Birthday.

Hey, you're Forty? That means I've got three years to catch up with your amazing head drawing skills! I have a sheet in front me right now... practice, practice (no chance).

Cheers, Glenn.

I'm mostly spending my birthday colouring in frantically in an effort to meet a deadline. Off out to the pub this evening though. And then hopefully later in the week life will be a touch calmer and I can finally find time to send you your prize for winning the competition the other week. I think I do at least know what the prize is now, you'll be happy to hear. You may even receive it within the month...

Happy Birthday!!! And have a very good chunk of life with all-new numbers on!!! May it be inky and happy!

Bless you, Viv.

Going well so far both in terms of inkiness and happiness (and, let's face it, the two are often intertwined).

Belated Happy Birthday!

Please imagine something very friendly and a bit witty and supportive about your general oldness here, while I sneeze and groan...


Duly imagined. Thanks, Joel. And get well soon.

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