Friday, February 15, 2008


Final episode of Bartholomew Quigley, Flea in today's Guardian. Final episode of Good Dog, Bad Dog: The Golden Bone Of Alexandria in tomorrow's Guardian. And thus I slip quietly back into obscurity...

In other news: I recently completed the cover for Stephen Davies's third Sophie book, Sophie And The Pancake Campaign for which I chose to portray no pancakes whatsoever, instead opting for not only a camel but also a pursuing land rover. I'm sure there are people for whom the depiction of overly be-kneed mammals and motor vehicles is an easy pleasure but I fear I'm not one of them. What was I thinking? Turned out okay though, I think.

Next on the agenda (among a few other odds and ends) are some short adventures for the Dogs which I need to begin right soon and for which, as yet, I have not a jot of inspiration. But, hey, I'm sure it will all turn out fine. Probably...

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