Thursday, February 07, 2008

flea noir 

I have a strip, Bartholomew Quigley, Flea, running in the G2 section of the Guardian through next week. It's kind of a spin off from Good Dog, Bad, Dog. Even more so than with the Dogs it was an opportunity that came up rather suddenly and had to be turned round in a hurry but I think it turned out okay (I don't really have any sense of perspective on it yet, I only finished the artwork yesterday). Made me appreciate all the more the input Faz put into the Dogs though. I was working entirely solo on this one and I really missed not only Faz's colouring but also his informal frontline editorial input. It taught me a lot about the four panel format in any case, albeit largely through getting stuff wrong. Anyway, take a look and see for yourselves.

Not sure if it'll be viewable online but I'll post a link if so.

Why, this is excellent news. I'm looking forward to the day - in the not too distant future, I reckon - when there will be no photographs or illustrations of any sort in the Guardian, other than those produced by our own Dave Shelton.

Jolly well done!


Steady on. Doing this small thing nearly killed me.

But ta.

Say what you like, it can't go wrong with THOSE feet. - That's so COOL!

I was in a cafe on tuesday, and it was full of kids, and they were all reading your comic!

But I haven't got to read this one yet, because someone in my house has hidden it.

Ta, Viv.

Ta, Joel. Nice to know it's being read. Just hope they're not put off too much by the downbeat ending tomorrow. I think watching The Maltese Falcon ("I hope they don't hang you, precious, by that sweet neck...") while creating a comic strip aimed at 8(ish) year-olds may have led to an overall error in tone. Oh well.

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