Tuesday, February 05, 2008

from the archives, week 33 

A6 sketchbook number 4, S.O.B., '94.

I was going to say that the chaps with teapots related to a comic strip I submitted to Deadline magazine called Tales Of The Tea Junkies but thinking about it that must have been a few years earlier. Maybe I was thinking about a sequel? If so, happily, the world was spared. It was really quite bad and done in colour with rather too much straight from the tube gouache and, as such, was politely (more politely than it deserved, frankly) rejected by then editor, Si Spencer (much given to lengthy, rambling, typewritten rejections rather than one line stock replies), who was writing for Eastenders a while back I believe.

Lower spread features the excellent Mr Josh Dyson (in the stripy shirt), at that time a flatmate of mine. He used to be partial to a poncho in those days though, sadly, I never drew him so garbed.

Ah, I remember Josh and his ponchos. Whatever became of him?


Hope you are well and groovy.

Josh moved to Ireland with a fine woman called Lavinia.

Dave, you were too good for Deadline. (Sincere Cheshire Cat grin.) Spoken as one who knows.


Cheers, Nick. Actually, I did get a strip - A Guided Tour Of Dreamland - in one issue of Deadline (albeit uncredited). I drew it during Si Spencer's editorship, redrew it according to his suggestions (first version had been very rushed to get it finished in time for a UKCAC) then eventually it saw print during Frank Wynne's reign (presumably discovered down the back of a radiator at a desperate time when they needed to fill three pages at the last minute). Naturally this exposure led immediately to great wealth and success...

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