Friday, January 18, 2008

dogs in beards 

Just wanted to say that tomorrow's Guardian contains episode 4 of Good Dog, Bad Dog: The Golden Bone Of Alexandria which is my favourite of the entire run. To quote my editor: "Dogs in beards. What's not to like?"

I'll stop banging on about it now.


Cheers Dave.. really enjoying the series so far. And thanks for the update yesterday.

keep going on about it.
if I ever do have the smallest amount of success I'll never stop going on about it!

There was further out-loud laughter in our house at this week's episode.

Very droll business. Keep it up!


I am reading you from Canada! This is an actual fact.

I mean the 'comic strip', which is awfully good. Just to be clear. Dear me.

Bless you all, Thank you very much.

I'll second the out-loud laughter! Many congrats on a great comic, Dave.

I didn't say it at the time (I did to everyone physically around though) - but the beard was awsome.
And it's amazing how the thing had such a proper noir atmosphere in maroon and purple. And I actually want to get a Chihuahua now which seems a bit wrong.

Ta, Viv.

Chihuahuas are very wrong. But surprisingly satisfying to draw.

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