Saturday, December 29, 2007

don't read this 

Go and buy the Guardian.



Update: there's a PDF version of Good Dog, Bad Dog here but it's not good (in two parts, needlessly large and page 1 in particular looks awful). But it is just about readable if you can't get hold of a print copy.

I did I did I did! I bought one at the corner shop! YAY! I'll buy every part! I loved the losing of the golden bone! And the catler, I mean, cat butler! And all! Argh, excitement! The only thing I didn't like was the text on the back: "Finished reading the comic? Recycle it!" into a craft project... nooo... finished reading the comic- READ IT AGAIN!
These misguided people. OK I'm reading it again now. Tsk. And then I'm COLLECTING it. In a special file.
Can't wait 'til next Saturday!!

Thanks, Viv. So glad you liked it. Episode 1 is a bit odd for me now - I can see all the mistakes and inconsistencies and a lot of evidence of me (and to a lesser extent Faz) finding our feet and working out how to do this stuff as we went along. Episode 2 looks quite a lot better, I think.

Loved it!

Looking forward to the next one

BRILLIANT! I laughed out loud at 'Fetch the really really expensive bone' and 'A book of matches - weird how often that happens!' And I thought the colouring in of 'It's later history is hazy but bloody' was excellent. As indeed it all is. Great job, both of you. Looking forward avidly to the next episode...

Ta, Marv; ta, Steve.

Are you both in the country at present and around for a while? Or are you flitting off again soon? Requests are being made to get the standard of the Guardian's online archive of the DFC strips improved so if you're soon to become unable to obtain the papery versions then hopefully you'll still be able to follow the story on t'interweb. The quality's a bit suspect at present but hopefully they'll take notice and action soon.

Reading it online from Africa (not coming back to UK this year). The quality is okay, but like you say, could be better.

great work!
very funny

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