Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ongoing quiet 

Continued apologies for lack of Life Of A Pen II or, indeed, anything much else lately. Basically I'm very busy indeed until about mid-December. And still fairly busy then come to think of it. As a result I'm not seeing very much daylight except to go shopping for foodstuffs or (a scandalously indulgent treat this) to indoor cricket (another heavy defeat on Sunday).

Oh, and today I had my second visit to a physiotherapist about my ongoing dodgy right shoulder.

Her advice was that cricket probably isn't a good idea. Ho hum.

Last night I found myself working through the evening again and listening to the fireworks outside. Which, you know, isn't quite the same. And I am fond of a good firework.

I'm still not able to say all that much about the stuff I'm working on but I'll try to find time to drop a few hints soon - preparatory drawings and suchlike.

In the meantime, I shall be off back to it for another hour or so before bed...

Night night.

We'll all be waiting for you Dave, don't you worry. Thanks for taking the time to post today, have been looking forward to an update. Good luck with the job and the shoulder.

Hello Tim, nice to hear from you. Coincidentally, yesterday I picked up one of the pens I bought following your recommendation a while back (a Uniball Eye). Didn't really give it much of a go at the time but was enjoying the flow of it yesterday. Hope to give it a bit more of a test drive in odd moments over the next few days.

Re the job and the shoulder: I suppose it's quite good timing, in a strange way, to have a buggered shoulder at a time when I don't really have much time for sport anyway. It'd be more annoying at the start of a work-free summer certainly. No idea when (or if) it will ever be better. The physio merely said that I should expect progress to be slow. Better go and do my exercises then, I suppose.

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