Monday, October 22, 2007


Lest you start poking me with a stick to make sure I haven't actually died...

I am unaccustomed to being as busy as I currently am professionally and, as such, am taking a while to adjust to the unfamiliar circumstances of needing to Get Stuff Done. Quite a lot of Stuff. Really quite quickly. I am thus working a lot of the time, eating and sleeping some of the rest of the time and, um, that's mostly it. Given that I'm not meant to make details of The Work public just yet, and that I'm not leaving the house a great deal, this leaves me with even less than normal to write about here.

I did get out for a spell yesterday though for the first game to be played by the newly formed Maypole indoor cricket team (very much a variant on The Rounders Team and The Duffers' Cricket Practice Group and, occasionally, one of the Pub Quiz Teams I sometimes turn out for). For those that understand such matters: in a ten over game we lost by a margin of about 70 runs. I personally was run out without facing a ball, dropped two of three chances when fielding and did not bowl due to an iffy shoulder (upon which miraculous (I hope) physiotherapy commences tomorrow morning). We were trounced and fully expect to repeat the experience throughout the duration of the league - with the possible exception of our games against the Team That Never Wins. Essentially every other game will be meaningless and our two games against them will constitute a desperate fight for the coveted last but one place. So we're a bit rubbish and probably won't improve all that much through experience. And we'll enjoy every game as much as anyone else in the league.

For now, though, I have work to do.

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