Thursday, October 25, 2007


For dull reasons involving stupendous incompetence at Virgin Media (dedicated to upholding the same risible level of service established by NTL before them) my landline number is currently in a state of flux.

I may expand upon this, in the form of a tediously detailed rant, at some later date but for the time being suffice to say: anyone wishing to speak to me in the next few days would be best advised to try my mobile.

virgin media burn in hell

they took over then five mins later they had that bust up with sky and i lost my lost.

they made out like sky were the bad guys (which they may well be) but then a few weeks later they took tv on demand off me (the thing where you can watch a series of greys anatomy or something)

i used to use that a lot for the kids because it had postman pat and dora.
now it says i need to subscribe to the channel.

I used to get it for free!

Hmm. I currently get free tv on demand - and, indeed, the whole basic tv package came free with the landline when I had it installed - so that was all a bit of a bonus, albeit, at times, an irritatingly pixellated bonus.


When they first installed my line they forgot to allow outgoing calls on it (pretty reasonable thing to expect as standard I feel). Had to make a call to customer services (in India) to get it sorted.

Voicemail has never worked and after 4 different calls to customer services (sometimes in India, sometimes in Scotland) they only fixed it by suddenly changing my line to a new number.

Follow up calls to my request, in call number 5 (Scotland), to have my number changed back have elicited an assurance (from India on Thursday) that this was all in hand and I would be informed IN WRITING when the change had taken place and (from Scotland on Friday) an apology that it still wasn't clear whether or not it would be possible to change my number back.

The upside is that, as only 4 people know my current number I'm pretty confident when the phone rings that I will actually want to talk to the caller.

In many other respects though - not ideal to have one's phone number forcibly changed with no notice whatsoever.

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